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gatdecal.jpg (45006 bytes)This page lists different oddball products Michael Jordan has appeared on like McDonalds's cup or Ballpark Frank's ad, puzzles, valentines and much more. I add new products every week. I've tried to list the items by years since there's so many different items. I've listed Wheaties boxes on a seprate page. If you know of a product I've missed please feel free to Email me. Make sure you include the year it was produced, size and maker of the product.
Year Company Description
1982 Unknown NCAA National Champs Blue Soda can with the players names including Michael Jordan
1982 Southernbell NCAA National Champs Phonebook cover of Michael's winning shot
1985 Nike Life size cardboard cutout of MJ in Nike apperal
1987 Illinois An advertisment asking you to buckle up
1988 Ohio Arts Mini backboard and ball
1988 Cleo A magnet measuring 2 1/2 x 4 1/2, dunking.
1989 Coca-Cola Black Consumer Marketing Support Binder with a picture of MJ on front
1989 Coca-Cola An advertisement for "Come Fly with Me" video
1989 Cleo A puzzle of M.J.'s winning dunk
1989 Cleo A jumbo box of 38 valentines
1989 Cleo A red box with 38 valentines with M.J. dribbling
1989 Generl Mills Wheaties coupon sheet, 11" x 8", advertising for the #55, #56, #57 series of boxes
1989 Amurol An advertisement for Hangtime gum
1989 Amurol Foil package of Bubble Gum w/ pictures of MJ, similar to Big League Chew
1989 Unknown Life size cardboard cutout with ruler on one side.
1990 Cleo A white box with 38 valentines with Jordan's signature
1990 Farleys Fruit snacks, 10 packs per box, candies are shaped like MJ
1990 Farleys Pogs made by Farley's--See picture
1990 Cleo Single package gift wrap with M.J.'s picture
1990 Generl Mills Wheaties coupon sheet, 11" x 8", advertising for the poster boxes
1992 McDonalds Get Fit with MJ a set of 8 toys including: a basketball, baseball, soccer ball, football, frisbee, stopwatch, jumprope and waterbottle
1992 USA Pin with the Dream Team's picture
1992 USA A puzzle with a picture of the team
1992 Gatorade Plastic 32oz bottle with MJ in his Olympic uniform.
1992 McDonalds It'll be Sweet to Repeat 3 1/2" button
1992 McDonalds Dream Team 32oz plastic cup
1993 McDonalds Nothing but net MVP 32oz plastic cup and MVP Fry box
1993 Gatorade 6 1/2 x 7 1/2 Decal made for storefront windows.
1993 Gatorade 16oz glass bottle with MJ's fascmile autograph, lots of different flavors
1995 unknown Trifold 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 Organ Donor Card
1995 McDonalds Looney Toon 32oz plastic cup and Fry box with Bugs Bunny
1995 Warner Bros. Space Jam plastic bust of MJ with candy in it.
1995 Gatorade 1 gallon plastic bottle with a picture of MJ's actual hand size on it
1997 McDonalds Chicken McNugget 20 piece box with MJ and others on it


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