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MagazinesDo you know how many covers of Sports Illustrateds Michael Jordan has been on? The list also includes the covers of Beckett price guides and Tuff Stuff price guides that Michael Jordan has appeared on, though I need some help with these lists.

BoxesHave you had your Wheaties? Michael Jordan has appeared on well over 60 boxes since 1988 when he signed with General Mills. I also have some pictures of the boxes and if you have any pictures to offer please email them to me.

Starting LineupsThis checklist has all of Michael Jordan's Kenner Starting Lineups with pictures of most. In the future I will also include other Michael Jordan dolls and figures that were made.

StuffHere you'll find alot of weird products Michael Jordan has been on. Everything from McDonalds to Gatorade to Valentines. Lots of great pictures. This list is the hardest so please help me with this one if you can.

Michael Jordan

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Welcome to Michael Jordan Memorabilia! This website is for everyone whether your a Michael Jordan Super collector or just trying to locate Michael Jordan collectibles. I've put together checklist of different kinds of memorabilia with lots of pictures like Wheaties Boxes, Kenner Starting Lineups, Sports Illustrated, and other Oddball checklists. If you have something you want to trade, buy or sell then check out the Message Board. Thanks and Enjoy!

If you like this website then you have to have "Collectig Michael Jordan; The Ultimate identification and value guide". It goes in depth into Michael Jordan Memorabilia, over 300 pages. Click the book to order online. Michael Jordan's latest book is here. This book is going to be a collectible as soon as it sells out. Remember what happen to "Rare Air" after it sold out they stopped printing it.Click the book to order online.
Book Store Here you'll find out what books have been made about Michael Jordan. You can also search for any other books or videos your looking for. If you decide to buy any books or videos through this page you will recieve a discounted price.

A great video about the first 5 NBA Finals. It follows the Chicago Bulls through the up's and down's of the finals. The video is 2 hours long so it's like watching a movie. Click the video to order it online. Did you miss the 1993 NBA Finals? Well here's your chance to own this video. All I've got to say is what a SHOT by Paxon! Click the video to order it online.
Video StoreCome on in and browse through videos that were made about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. You'll also find a list of other videos that were made but aren't currently for sale.

Air Jordan's Shoes So far there has been 14 different models of Air Jordan's made not to mention all the different colors. You'll find pictures of Michael's shoes though I'm missing a few. Please be patient.

Message Board Come on in and post your messages here whether you just want to say hi, sell some Michael Jordan items, post what your looking for or just discuss something pertaining to Michael Jordan Memorabilia.

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11/21 - 11/28 Visit Michael Jordan for President today!---Go to this site and join the crusade to get Michael to run for President. This website is for real. It's very interesting!

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